Twice (two times) a month, the Roanoke Rounders with the gracious support of the owners of the Crossroad Inn sponsor a music jam. It's an excellent time! We welcome acoustical players who'd love to sit in and jam along to some great Bluegrass tunes, old Country, old Folk songs, and more. Check the Schedule page for dates and times.

Come see or play with us at the Crossroad Inn, Columbia City at the corner of SR 9 & SR 14. Make sure you partake of the great food too!

Monthly Music Jam!
Come see us or jam with us up to THREE times every month. Twice a month at Crossroads, and once a month at the Legion Post 160 in Roanoke.

Hire us Please!
If you have are interested in hiring the Rounders for an event, please let us know. Contact here.

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